Solution 1 – FilExhaust

This solution is an easy uninstallable filtration system that can be inserted into the end of a car’s exhaust pipe. As discussed earlier, cars emit a lot of CO2 and this solution aims to fix the issue of CO2 emissions from cars right from its source before it has a change to escape into the open air.

In 2018, Bill Gates came up with Carbon Capture, an idea that does the work of 40 million trees by capturing CO2 and filtering it (Vidal, 2018). An illustration of this is shown below.

An idea is that we can scale this down to a very small level, to install it on a car’s exhaust system, so all the gas emitted from the engine is actually filtered and then left out as clean air.

With regards to a filtration system for cars, there was one that was created in 2013 using fundraising on Kickstarter called CO2ube, it was a filter which could be attached to the end of the exhaust pipe to specifically filter out the Carbon Dioxide (Kooser, 2013). An image of it is shown below:

The only issue with this was that it looked ugly, and people saw no value from it. To actually make this implementable, we can have multiple strategies to do that:

  1. Make it mandatory from the government to install this in every car’s exhaust system, on cars that are already existing, and on cars that are being currently built.
    • This ensure that action will be taken no matter the variables, earth is suffering a major climate change crisis and such actions are very necessary.
  2. Make it publicly available for all the residents in the country to buy the filter at a cheap price and give them rewards such as vouchers and discounts for using the filtration system.
    • The rewards can be achieved by scanning the NFC / RFID Tag on the exhaust which is tied to a user app where rewards can be redeemed from.

To make sense of the above, an illustration of this idea is shown below:

Show an exhaust pipe of a car
Exhaust pipe with the filtration system installed

The filtration system can be inserted into the end of the exhaust pipe as shown above in Figure 7. The chip in the red part can be any type of a RFID chip or an NFC tag that can be used to send information to the mobile app. The RFID chip or the NFC tag needs to be insulated in a way that it is heat resistant as the exhaust pipe of a car can sometimes get extremely hot.

Solution 2 – FilNet

Filnet is a filtration system for the highways, where we install the filtering net surrounding the multi-level highways. The cities that have multi-level highways often means that there are a lot of vehicles on the road. These vehicles are the ones that contributed a good amount of percentage to air pollution. Instead of letting the gases released from the vehicles escaping directly into the air, we will be filtering it first to reduce the harmful particles such as dust from penetrating into the environment.

Shows the example of multi-level hightways in Shanghai

That is why our team introduced Filnet. Filnet can be easily added to existing highways without the needs to modify the original structure. Please refer the pictures below to see Filnet in action.

Shows the 45-degree angle
Shows the side of the highway
Shows the top view of the highway
Shows the view from the inside

The materials used to make the filter net are listed below. Firstly, we’ll be getting just the frame from commercial washable air filter. Then, we’ll replace the filter inside with the air filter found in air-conditioner. This is due to the fact that air-con filters are too fragile to be used in open air, therefore the frame for washable air filter is used to ensure that the air-con filters would not break easily due to the weather factors.

Shows commercial washable air filter
Shows the air filter found in air conditioners

The reason to replace the original filtration piece which can be found in the washable air filter is to ensure the clarity. Below shows the original washable air filter, it’s not transparent.

Shows washable air filter which is not see through

We will be replacing the filtration part with 3 layers of the air-con filter, so that people can still see through the outside of the “tunnel” while people from the outside can see what’s happening inside the “tunnel”.

Apart from that, the air filter is also easily maintainable. We do not require manpower to wash them. They will be automatically clean during the rain. All the debris and dusts will be flowing to the ground when it’s raining.

Shows the rain

After the rain, the filtration system will be good as new again

Shows the road condition after the rain

Tools Used

  1. – To create 3D Models
  2. – To edit Pictures
  3. Microsoft Teams and WhatsApp – For communication and discussion
  4. Adobe Premiere Pro – To edit the Demo video